This brand was created by well-known West Australian wholesalers Ross and Ronnie Lawrence who have been Fine Wine Wholesalers in Perth since 1987, handling top-shelf Australian and imported wines.

The Feet First enterprise is a virtual winery, with both grape growing and winemaking provided by contract and sourcing fruit through out the south west of Western Australia in order to supply wines pitched very much at the younger market. Three popular blends, a Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Merlot and Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir are the front runners in fulfilling this challenging market segment.

We are currently sourcing fruit from premium vineyards in Margaret River, Frankland River, Pemberton, Geographe and the Swan Valley.

This range of vineyard regions from very cool Pemberton to the Mediterranean climate of the Swan Valley allows us the luxury of choosing varieties that are best suited to each region. Similarly we contract winemaker from various regions according to their expertise and specialities.

Currently wine is made for us at Faber winery in the Swan Valley, Naturaliste Vintners in Margaret River and Alkoomi Winery at Frankland.

The Label

The label depicts the Magnificent Tree Frog "litoria splendida", locally known as the “SplendidFrog”. It is native only to the north of Western Australia, found in the Bungle Bungle Ranges in the Kimberley region.

Its small area of habitat and the fact that it shelters from the tropical day time temperatures in caves and between boulders make it a rare find indeed.

The aim of Feet First is to produce a range of wines from fruit grown in Western Australia that are value for money.

To this end, vintage variations are reduced by sourcing quality fruit
from growers in a diverse range of regions, including Margaret River, Mount Barker and Frankland River and Geographe. Our aim is to maintain a level of quality that over delivers for the price asked.